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However, this group's opinion is wrong. I don't ever say someone's opinion is wrong. I am very objective, but people must completely misunderstand soldiers. No matter how wrong you feel war is (which i actually do myself), we have them. We have been in several wars, and who is on the other side protecting your ***? It is the soldiers. You are very big talkers, but if you are so against war, are you actually out there protesting or trying to do something about it, or are you just spontaneously ranting on EP? Stand behind your convictions. If you do that already, I give you a pat on the back, right here, right now. If it is the latter, then you need to understand what you are talking about before you run your mouth.
I understand the horrors of war, but it is not the soldiers' choice to kill the innocent, torture, or mutilate. It is the government "controlling" the situation. Like the old saying goes, "Don't hate the player, hate the game." Also, like I have said many a time here on EP, you don't have to support the war in order to support our troops.
Another big thank you to all of the men and women who serve all around the world; you are brave and deserving of everything positive that life has to offer. Thank you for risking your lives for ours, no matter what it takes!!! :)
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How is an opinion wrong? It's an opinion lol dumb ***

Would you like a foreign country's military coming to the United States and killing your family? Because that's what our military does to other countries. Our troops go there and terrorize innocent people. With that being said,

Soldiers are put in a position where they may end up killing someone.
I dunno, that seems pretty ****** up to me.

This may be one thing we disagree on. I believe soldiers, during consc<x>ription, and now...are not heroes. They are human beings making the choice to raise might against strangers for whatever reason....and that is not heroic at all. Conscientiously ob<x>jecting to kill individuals is the only way to be a "peace maker". Be well.

In the end, a soldier, of any nation, is a paid bully, who extracts wealth from the poor to feed the needs of the masters.<br />
It doesn't matter if they are stealing oil from the poorest nation on earth, as in Afghanistan, or if they are stealing the only leader who has served the public interest of his own nation over that of the soldiers masters, as in Panama (noriega), or preserving the profits of an allied nation, such as Israel, by killing the only leader in the region to dare to strike that nation of invaders (saddam), it is not now, and never has been, the job of soldiers to enrich the people of his nation, nor to protect them from harm by doing harm to others FIRST, it is his job to do harm in order to enforce the will of the soldiers rulers.

If you are against war you vote for politicans (yes, I know they are all liars...) who are against war as well. Protesting is really a waste of time. If you want something done, you need to go through the government, not ask passerby's to honk. <br />
<br />
If you're so okay with war, maybe you should go fight it.

Thanks; it's refreshing to have a more level-headed discussion about this topic. Often people get pretty emotional when it comes to this kind of thing, which is of course totally understandable considering the nature of the subject matter, but doesn't really contribute much to ascertaining the truth of the matter.<br />
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What I understand the word "hero" to mean, the way I've generally seen it used, is "someone who puts themselves at risk in some way in order to do what is right".<br />
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You're right that different people disagree about what is right and what is wrong; and on that grounds different people can disagree about who is a hero. During the civil war, some people thought it was right that black people should be slaves, and some soldiers even fought and died for that. To those people, those soldiers were heroes. The other side thought that it was wrong for black people to be slaves, and there were other soldiers who fought and died for that. They were heroes to those people.<br />
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But there is a big difference between someone who thinks they're fighting for something when in fact, their actions and sacrifice are serving a very different (not to mention conflicting) end. If someone is fooled into thinking that their sacrifice will serve to protect people when in fact it is really serving to enslave them, then that person, despite their good intentions, is not a hero. To the corporatocracy, yes, they are heroes. But to the other 99% of the world's population, they are part of the problem.

I forgot to say my example was about abortion, but I'm pretty sure you got that ;)

I do understand where you're coming from, but everyone has a different opinion of right. For example, some people have a view that it is "right", and they support a woman's right to choose what is best for her own body. Also, on the other side, people think it is "wrong", and that they are murdering innocent human beings. <br />
What in your opinion, is the definition of a hero?<br />
And also, I agree that the media glorifies war, and I am in no way, shape, or form in support of any war, but it will take some time for others' to see our point of view about it. <br />
I would also like to say that you are very articulate, and only on this website have I found such well-read people to have debates with!

It's good to hear you're fair about it. A lot of people seem to think that only *their* country's soldiers are heroes. That having been said however, selflessness alone is not enough to be considered a hero. Someone can selflessly fly a plane into a tower full of people but that by no means makes them a hero. In order for someone to truly be a hero, it is not enough they put themselves at risk, and it is not enough that they put themselves at risk for something they were fooled into thinking was right. They need to put themselves at risk for something that *actually is* right.<br />
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We have a culture that glorifies war and glorifies soldiers. That is all part of the propaganda. It's much easier to recruit people to do all sorts of abominable things that would otherwise be derided if they get a medal when they get back home and are respected by their country and labelled a "hero".

I do think that they are heroes, both sides, because they make the decision to risk their lives for other people, which is very selfless. And I think that they are brainwashed into doing the things that they do. Evil and negativity can overcome us, and make us do things we never thought we would.

So if we agree that soldiers are pawns of the government then how is it that they are heroes? And if they are heroes, would you also consider the soldiers on the opposite side to be heroes as well?<br />
<br />
I understand the difficulty they must face when being ordered to do something horrific and the potential consequences they may face themselves for disobeying such an order; but in such a situation, which is more heroic: going through with the horrific act out of fear of retribution for disobedience, or disobeying the orders out of moral conviction and facing the consequences? (When I said earlier "they *can* quit the military" what I meant was that they have the physical ability as opposed to the legal ability.)<br />
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Don't get me wrong, I get that they must be under a lot of pressure and many (probably most) are misled into thinking that what they're doing is for the greater good. But that is not what makes one a hero. I would generally consider most soldiers to be victims more so than heroes.

They are in fact pawns for the government. I do understand how corrupt the government is, but I also think that soldiers don't know exactly what they are getting into. They can't imagine having to do the horrific acts, and you can't just go AWOL from the military once you see things like that. They are under a contract, and can't quit whenever they want. They go into what they are doing for the right reasons, and many of them need extensive therapy when they come back. <br />
I know exactly how wrong the government is, but I am not worried at all. There will be a revolution soon, as long as everyone awakens and realizes what they are doing to us. Feel free to join my group I Am Ready For The Revolution; it seems like it may be up your alley.

I'm glad you agree that war is wrong.<br />
<br />
First of all, the soldiers are not protecting us. They are protecting big business. Soldiers work for the government and the government works for the corporations. The corporations care only about profit; not about the well-being of the populace. Furthermore, even if we were the ones they protect, what exactly are they protecting us from? The soldiers on the other side. Would you be willing to call the other side's soldiers heroes too?<br />
<br />
Second, you say it's not the soldiers' choice to commit various atrocities, but it is their choice. They can quit the military. Furthermore, if they have no choice in what they do then how is it that they are heroes as opposed to simply pawns?