American Soldiers

A few words of support from Across the pond. American politicians frequently take bad decisions and make mistakes. They're are human but the world is a much safer place because of two countries Great Britain and the United States of America. Until each lazy cowardly person is willing to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves don't complain about those who do !
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I agree.....I could not do the job of a soldier, physically mentally or emotionally. They do a job that alot of people couldn't do or would want to do. And everytime any country goes into battle over a moral issue because one power has decided to just slowly but surely kill offer another culture, it is immoral and they are really doing for everyone. If people like that can get away it in one small area, they can just as easilly spread out across the whole globe, with just an email or a phone call.....when face that reality I think it is really important to stand by all allied forces with moral support. They are all, in effect protection all of us, whether they intend to or not. They die and sometimes so few people hear about it. They lay down their lives without a second thought so, since the awakening to the reality of terrorism, before which I was a passifist, I have to support troops here and from America. They do a selfless unpredictable job facing enemies they are not necessarily easy to see. So God Bless English and American troopsx