I'll Believe It When I See It!!

its like this in my work!! you never believe it until you see it!!! i just thought of this, when i saw this group, cos in my work, i have been promised a bonus for like the past 6 years, and still havent seen one!!! lol, and the other day, the maintenance guy in the hotel where i work said to me "if we reach our budget this month, then we will be getting a bonus", and im like "yeah right", i'll believe it when i see it!!!! ha ha ha
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4 Responses Aug 9, 2010

yes *wiseowl* and guess what?? we never got a bonus in the end lol!! hahaha, i knew it !!

In this economy..bonus? Pf! I'd believe it when the check hit my hand. Employers give less & less as we all have experienced...they take away.

i know!! there are too many liars out there these days!!! lol

me too because people just lie so much!