What Is Within Ourselves Reflects In The Way We Treat Others

religion teaches us good moral values but doesn't mean that everyone follows exactly what the religion says. therefore, i believe that how we treat others come within ourselves, and is not define by our religion. doesn't matter if you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu or etc. religion provides a guide, a way of life, however, it does not force us to follow what it says. if we are generally a good person and we want to treat others with respect, with kindness, with empathy and with love, that is how we all live. it is good to belong to a religion, but if you're still treating others with disrespect, what are you then? we are all the same underneath that skin, flesh and blood. if our skin is transparent, there is no difference between you and i, even if you come from the opposite side of the world. you can claim the goodness of your religion, i will say every religion is good. it's the way you chose to live your life really defines who you are inside, what is within you is reflected in the way you treat others.
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
Jul 23, 2010