Women Should Be Hairless Below Her Eye Lashes.

Women should not have to shave,but she should always be hairless below her eye lashes. Waxing is better,may be a hot wax,a little painful but worthy. Brazilian wax is a must before you go for a honeymoon. I know there are few men who loves hairy women( Hair at Spl Location),but I strongly feel body hair is some thing that suits on men and not on us.
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Don't shave, don't wax.... Laser it !! 6 times on average, no more hair.. Permanently !! I would never ask a women to shave. I shaved for a long time... It's awful. If you don't want laser or waxing. Throw the razor away and be natural.

Women should not have the right to vote, or the right to own property.

Does that offend you? Than why do you think you can tell women what else they "should" do? Women SHOULD do whatever the **** they want with their pubic hair without having to check with "debasree".

hairless girls are good ;)

Yeah, i agree on your point too. though i like pubic hairs on women. !

A well shaved women, is the ideal pet of a man, she should be like the submissive ****, ready to carry the orders oh her master. and i like them to be naked on high heels and with jewelery, like a sex object ... mm ?

I like your view that body hair is considered masculine and women should not have that much body hair.

Again. Remember. It's personal preference. If one chooses to keep themself a particular way, that's fine. But not you, nor I, nor anyone other one of us can dictate how the rest of the world "should" keep themselves. The only exception might be within the confines of an intimate partnership with another person. Even then, it's a matter of negotiation and potential agreement.

i think what you wrote was very dear and special. it is abhorrent that others on here would judge your beliefs.

I respectfully disagree. Especially if you or any woman may believe in submitting to the will of your dominant and loving Man, should it not be how He chooses it to be? <br />
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Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule out there. But the removal of body hair is purely a personal decision and, generally speaking, not a necessity. Unfortunately, most of the reasons people cite for why they choose to remove body hair (and other appearance-ba<x>sed choices) are reasons that the "beauty", fashion, and advertising industries as well as society at large have brainwashed most people with through the decades. Reason would dictate that while people are indeed free to decide however they might, the reasons for those choices should ideally be their own rather than someone else's... notwithstanding a consenting relationship of a D/s, TiH nature. <br />
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Again, I respectfully disagree. :) *hugz*

Actually I think men and women should be hairless below the eyelashes. The touch of bodies is sooo much more intimate.

I like hairy man.

To each his own, but thank goodness I'm with someone who likes me to be shaved! I've met guys who don't like it at all, but you can feel soo much more without hair :)

I find women who shave to be less attractive than those who do not. Fortunately, no woman with whom I've had sexual relations shaved her pubic area. I would have found that to have been a real turn-off.

I appreciate ladies who take the time to shave their *******. Thank you ladies.

Why stop there, women should be hairless all over. No head hair or eyelashes either.<br />
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*rolls eyes*<br />
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Sarcasm aside, you can speak for yourself in that regard but I am glad there are women out there that embrace their "natural" bodies.<br />
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Have a good day.