I Dont Shave And I Dont Want To Ever Again

Im 19 and i haven't shaved my legs going on about 6 months. What started it wasn't really a burst of feminism or some kind message to send to the world. Rather, it was my own realization that I was merely shaving to conform. I hated shaving. I was lazy at shaving, and even with trying sugar waxing and hair removal lotion it was just too much work and time. I then really spent time on asking myself why I removed my leg hair after watching Ru Pauls Drag Race and realized it was for shallow reasons. Did I really have to justify my beauty by having smooth legs? No I did not. I decided I was still going to be sexy and attractive even with some hair on my legs and if anyone really had a problem with it then they weren't worth my time anyways.

I asked my boyfriend if he would care and he said he wouldn't mind at all. And from there I stopped shaving.

I have NEVER had anyone come up to me in a rude or disrespectful manner even wearing short shorts and short skirts with full blown leg hair. I have never felt more confident either.

I shave my armpits about once a month and try to maintain the bikini area about once a week for hygiene purposes but i dont touch my legs except to put lotion on them. I have natural strawberry blonde hair so my leg hair is very light thankfully which made the transition easier.

To the ladies: even if you do have dark hair though dont let that stop you! Dont let anyone stop you. If you don't want to shave then dont. If you do want to shave then go ahead. It should be as simple as that. We shouldn't let something as little as HAIR control our self worth and ruin relationships with others.

I will never let anyone tell me I am wrong, disgusting, or worse of a person just because I don't shave. You should do the same.
NagemD NagemD
18-21, F
4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

good for you

I'm a guy and I shave...we are both against the norms :)

Good for you!

*hugz* Well done.