It Is Not In The Plan

I believe we will have catastrophic events ahead of us. Because I believe the word of god. Man made global warming will cause and presently causing, famines, catastrophic weather, droughts, fires, floods and imbalance of nature. Along with natural occurring earth quacks.
He said that the last days will be the worse that man has ever seen. The word of God has not been fulfilled yet.
The mark of the beast has not totally been set up yet. There is supposed to be a man that every person on the face of the earth will follow except those that are written in the lambs book of life.
His kingdom is not set up yet. As fast as things are falling in place for this all to happen, I do not think it will be in a year and four months. The word says we do not know the day nor the hour of the coming of the Lord, but we do know it is soon. 1 & 1/2 years will fly by like it was weeks, time goes very fast anymore. I do not believe that it will end as the Mayan calendar says that it will.
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Thank you for commenting...I know it is closer than we believe...