It's All Hype

I still remember all the hype about the year 2000 and what happened other then the store's making money on all the chicken little's stocking up. Nothing, ziltch. 2012 is no different. As a believer in God's word, it will end when he choose's it to end.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
2 Responses Aug 21, 2010

I would not be affraid to bet that with all the money they made in 1999 that the retailor's got together and came up with it.

I agree. 2000 was a joke.I'm certain we all have it together by now. I can't believe the fear one person can plant into the brain of so many. It's just hype from what? Twitter..facebook ? Who started this anyway? Pee Wee Herman? I dunno.