The Problem With Doomsday Theories....

OK, so maybe this isn't the right group to be ranting in, but its as close as I could find.

I don't believe in those doomsday theories, none of them. I've heard so many, Y2K, computer going haywire, or something like that. Something about 6/6/06 I think that was a religious doomsday theory. I've also heard about, a meteor hitting earth, lab experiments going wrong and the ever nagging Global warming theory.
None of them have happened, but the thing is, when it comes to doomsday theories, there are only two types of people.
The people who believe and do what they can to prevent it, (trying to stop global warming, etc) and then theres the people who don't believe and assume it never will.

I think, global warming is the best theory I can use for an example. I don't believe in Global warming, as well as many, many other people in the world. But the thing is, people who don't believe in global warming think 'its not real so why should I care about the earth?
Eh, why? Cause global warming may not exist, but if we don't take care of the earth, the atmosphere will get destroyed, ultimately leading to unclean air, and pollution.
I can't stand it, doomsday theories apparelty have only one of two outcomes, belief speaking, you either believe and care about the earth, or you don't believe and assume you can get away with polluting the planet. The irony is, not believing in global warming and being ignorant will lead to simply another doomsday theory, and another and another until one of them actually does come true! That gos for all these stupid lab experiments that scientists have been practicing, like the LHC colliding particles and what not! What on Gods green earth are they thinking???

Hmm. I guess the point of this rant is...irony. Doomsday theories are all wrong and yet they WILL still cause the earths distruction...simply by making humans even more ignorant than we already are...

Ugh, humans are so ignorant, arrogant, and what ever other word best describes us. Oh right, idiots.

Ahem...OK i'm done ranting, either you'll think i'm nuts or you'll actually take a look in the mirror and realize i'm right. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that humans are dumb creatures.... =/
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Doomsday prophecies don't forsee the end of the world. It's a great misconception, often also used by nutcases to instil fear amongst their flock...<br />
The Mayan calender ends on the 21st of December 2012, because it's the end of an era and a new calender must be recalculated.<br />
Between the ending of this calender and the calculating of the new one, a time of changes, of turmoil has been foretold.<br />
A few of these prophecies coincide: Nostradamus and Hebrew texts speak of a false prophet rising from the east. Mayan prophecies add the descendance of the true Architect Of The Universe who will fight the false prophet to gain control over the Earth and its inhabitants.<br />
Another matter is that every 2040 year, a new starsign aligns smack above the Equator. Roundabout the same time the Mayan Calender ends, that will be the startsign of Aquarius (waterman), following that of Pisces (fish)...<br />
The end of the era of Pisces, also know as the era of Jesus of Nazareth (not Jeus Christ: christ is just an denomination for him having been salved; his name is Jesus of Nazareth) is described as Armageddon...<br />
So, a lot of old prophecies and legends speak of a revolution, a turnaround. An ending, but not a definitive one, because all those endings also speak of a new beginning. Where exactly Mankind will fit in this 'new beginning' remains to be seen...<br />
As far as global warming theories go, I tend to believe that this warming of the Earth is just part of a natural cycle which occurs every five, six thousand years, maybe more even. In any case, a cycle that takes too long for us Humans to make sure, since we started climatological measurements just 150 years ago...<br />
Humans destroying the Earth is a rather arrogant idea. All we could do is destroy the possibility for US to survive here, but the Earth will carry on regardless. It survived the impact of the comet which caused the Gulf Of Mexico and made the dinosaurs disappear, so it'll survive a bit of tinkering from Humans, too.<br />
To check some of my views in a nutshell, check my 'story' "The Errors Of Your Ways"<br />
EP Link<br />
Take care now, CGFA... And stick around too, you're a very intelligent goil...