Maybe people don't remember, but about 5 years ago I think, an asteroid was supposed to hit the moon and send the moon hurtling into the Earth. Did that happen? Not as far as I know. And the world was supposed to end on New Years Day, 1999, when the new millennium started. That didn't work out so well. And in 2001 the world was supposed to end too. What makes this 2012 thing so special? Is it because we put so much faith in people who lived hundreds of years ago. If they could predict this, why didn't they predict computers, or make them themselves with their futuristic powers? Why would anyone put any stock in what these people say?

I have a friend, a firm believer in the end of the world at December 21st, 2012. I've told him that I can't wait until 2013 because then he will be proved wrong. It's foolproof. I'll either be dead or right.
At least he'll remember 2012 - he'd better - so when the world is supposed to end again, I can remind him how well the Mayan's prophecy worked.
Adadastralgi Adadastralgi
Mar 15, 2012