I Think The World Ending In 2012 Is Bs, Actually, It Began For Me In 2012, So, There!

This story is going to improve toward the later part. Starts like, real bad, but has a happy ending.

I would get rent and electricity paid for as usual, before I would have a $320 for grocery and bills. Think, guys: Try living on 320 a month after fixed parts are paid. That is before groceries and phone. That leaves 40 dollars "abouts" after groceries and bills. TRY living on 40 dollars for entertainment a month! Just you try for one month.

May of 2012 came in storming really good. I ended up filling paperwork for a rental supplement and another for disabled people. They both will bring 200 each around. One is actually $222. The other is usually $200 to $250 for now. This comes ON THE TOP of the $320 that will alwys be there no matter what. I will have Six Hundred and Sixty Seven dollars after the rent is taken off. This is for 250 worth of bills and then the rest is mine to keep.

Compare $40 a month to $467 a month after all of the bills. What a SHOCKING DIFFERENCE! I died when I saw what is to come. That is over unknown percentage, but OVER 400 % of increase of what I had before. I was reeling for weeks now. Sorry, but of this story, still reeling.
jmintuck jmintuck
May 19, 2012