2012... Please!!!

The Only one who knows Is GOD... and when that day comes... TRUST we will ALL know... those who believe and those who dont believe... I just pray that on that day... I'm alined with God and will be doin his will... Life is too short, it may feel like we have a lifetime... but in a blink of and eye it can all be taken away from us...

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Sounds to me like the Mayan calender fairy tale.

I agree with most of the comments here! We do NOT know the day it will come to an end. However, Jesus did give a composite sign of events happening on the generation that will see the end:<br />
<br />
Matthew Chap 24<br />
Luke Chap 21<br />
2 Timothy Chap 3:1-5<br />
<br />
and many other sc<x>riptures.<br />
<br />
The Bible does say the Generation around now will see it. There are two Biblical ways to know we are very close: Conditions and Chronologically. <br />
<br />
If you really want to know more, let me know!<br />
<br />

Right... Right... Whats going to be said when that day passes???

God said nobody will know the hour not even Jesus so obviously its not ending in 2012 cuz if it was then we wouldnt know about it and be making movies about it.

I was sad to hear a friend of mines tell me her friends daughter joined the cult of 2012... Yes thats what I said too... THEY HAVE A CULT... she signed over all her items to them too... sad...

Mystic, you have a beautiful testimonial.....

Yea... My mother past away bout a week and a half ago... my time with her seems sooo long... but when it was taken... it seemed so short... I've realize that you need to live everyday to the fullest... and make the best of it... because you never know when it will be the last day...

Glad to know there are others...

if more people thought like you I guess we wouldn't need hoaxes like 2012, but in the event that it should be true my belief is that we will reach a new understanding and level of awareness according to our spiritual maturity the more mature the higher the level, hopefully if God or Alien willing I will be part of the in crowd, and if at all true, I probably already am elviris

I agree! Thank you!