I think that showing any kind of panty-line is the worst case scenario for womens clothing. It looks not attractive and more than that- it looks somewhat old-fashioned.

For me personally I say it's not acceptable to show any VPL- not even a thnong-VPL and therefore I'm always commando.
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I will pay you the compliment of disagreeing with you. On some women, the panty-lines are such a turn on, especially if they are thong panties. It is a teasing, flirtatious, come hither look that I find irresistable. It truly depends on what else the woman is wearing, and how the whole ensemble looks. I would not make a general, sweeping statement either way. On some women it looks great, on others it does not look very good.

You are right if the woman has a nice *** and is wearing the thong to pool or beach- but under clothes- no way for me! But everyone has its own personal opinion on that- like on everything else too of course!

Indeed, Sweetie. To each his or her own. I agree that this effect is best on a woman with a nice ***. The outline would attract the eyes to the beauty of the *** and the shape of the hips. Sigh, I should stop before my imagination gets me in more trouble than it normally does ...

i agree 100%

I totally agree. Panty lines just take away from the overall look of the ensemble, from the smooth lines of the human form.

it can be quite sexy to see when you get a quick glimpse....