Living By the Golden Rule

I live by the Golden Rule.  Really, I do.  I always put my self in the place of a person that I might affect with my decisions.  How are my actions going to affect the people around me and how would I feel if someone did those things to me.

Unfortunately, I've chosen a few people in my life that don't live by this rule at all. As a matter of fact, these persons have been quite Machiavellian in nature. Of course, I did not know this from the get go but slowly and painfully found out. 

I don't want this story to detail about how bad my ex-husband was.  (He was really bad and I can write a novel - even thought about it to recoup my lawyer fees!  My story is so unbelievable that when I read my legal testimony, I feel like I reading a script for a bad movie. How many things can a person do wrong?)  I just noticed that he and other people that did whatever they wanted, broke the rules, stepped on people, cheated, lied (in and out of court), abandoned families, and were just frankly not nice, seem to prosper and come out smelling like roses while the inflicted struggle and recover from the emotional tornado that these people dealt.

I cringe when people say "what comes around goes around."  I've yet to see it.  I don't want full out revenge but I know many people who suffered injustices and simply never got their day.  I just want the Machiavellian people to have some revelation and realize that they have make some bad choices and should make their amends.

I am still waiting for mine.  I've got a few grey hairs.  Starting knitting....


middleangel middleangel
41-45, F
May 9, 2007