How Many Times Have You Wanted To Say That About Me???

I joined this group just to let all of you know that I don't believe any of you believe what you say,,,cause I know what I believe and say is for real,,and its ok if what I say you don't believe,,,but please don't doubt my believing,,,cause I got lots of it,,,,and I really do believe what I say is real,,,I am nuts ok,,,and its not always fun to be me,,,and nobody could be me and do it as good as me,,,and if you wonder by chance how I could say and believe such a thing,,,,just look in the mirrior and ask your self,,,do you always take others over your self,,,,and can you feel everything that there is to feel all of the time,,,24-7,,,,everyday you breath and walk,,,,and still get up and say you love the way you are everyday,,,that last part I stuggle with everyday,,,I don't want to be here,,,it hurts so much,,,,to be me,,,I feel way to much,,,well my main reason for writing here is to let all of you know I do believe everything I say,,,Love and Light Mary
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Oh by the way I for got to say I NEVER WANT ANYONE TO BOW TO ME!!!!!!!!!! not ever in my wildest dreams have I had intention for gaining power to propel me to some kind of worship statis,,,makes me ill I am not as self centered as you believe me to be. but I do not expect you to know that because you are not in touch with who you are, so how can you ever real know me??? and anyway you would really have to want to know me. I love the fire in your heart you should use that for something better than fighting with your Mother, you like that boldness, if I am Mary I am your Mother,,,and don't you know any better not to fight with Mother Nature,,,lol,,,I Love that,,,it just makes me smile so much its insane,,,I just want humanity to Love one another more,,,why is that so hard to do,,,why is it so hard for people to be in touch with everything around them,,,,I know this answer but do you???Love and Light Mary

I did not know I was anyone's study case. I will have to reserve those rights for myself, Thank You I plan on writting many books on people like me. My goal is to heal them and get their energy flowing toward the Love and Light, so what is so dangerios about that. I believe that to many of us are surpressed by negative energy and all of us should cleanse our minds from the darkness, which has held humanity oppressed and lost in an ugly world. I hope that you yourself find the Love and Light within you and shine it out to the world instead of soweing more ugly. One day the Father and Mother will shake that meaness right out of this world, and nothing man nor women can do to stop the cleansing from coming for all that defile and fed the mass bitter water from within their little souls. Love and Light Sister and may you shine like the star that you really are. Mary

I actually know what you are talking about. Isn't that amazing? I bet everybody would think me crazy if I told them how I discovered that the earth is in a weakened state of existence and that is why all life has become so resource based... I have the mind of a scientist and the experiences of a spiritualist. If people knew my whole spectrum of perspective they would laugh and call me crazy just because it doesn't seem possible. To the religious or atheist or average skeptic scientist.

I have sown no deceit I speck what is on my mind and no more. My truth is my truth, everyone has their own, so what is your truth that you want to be mean and vandictive to others. You are the one who is stagnant that is why you are all the time attacking others. I am so sorry that you do not like your self. That is why you have such a hard time likeing anyone else. So sad, so how long you going to keep wasting your time talking to me. You are wasting your time on me, because nothing you can say will change who I am. I will keep spiting words as long as you do,,,thanks for making my day so fun and I mean that you make me laugh. Love and Light Mary

You are a lie I guess than too, because I am a refliction of you. If what I say is a waste of your time than why are you still here wasting away in my dellsion,,,lol,,,you are so funny,,,Love and Light Mary

In God's voice it has been with me every since I was 12, and my stepfather abused me. Oh yeah I guess you have not read that I am schziophenic and Manic. I get a crazy check do you feel better about what you know now? So please tell me what I have done that is a danger to others. I do have a very dark side, but its not time for that side yet. I have that side saved for all of those people left behind when the chosen are taken home. And the real awesome thing about my trip is that I do not have to have a bunch of followers. Man since the beginning of time has wanted to know when and how everything really was going to happen, and man continues to try and know, maybe so they can stop the mess they have created for their selfs. To late for that, people just better start shineing with all that they have within them in Love and Light. Love and Light Mary

You are intitled to your opinion, and my psycos is not dangerous to anyone else, I have never hurt another person with my crap,so whatever to you misses. First lets get the job title right ok, I say I am Queen Mary Omega, second I have no confussion what so ever about who and what I am, and lastly you are not God, so you can not say I am not what I say I am. God is the one who said it not me. Thanks for your misinformed message, feel free to say what ever you wish to me. Love and Light Mary