A Short Story

People around me seemed to care
until i began to open my heart and share
I told them my problems when they asked
all the things from the past.
When i told them they looked away
so i knew to leave it another day
They couldnt look me in the eye
because they thought i had told a lie
God i wish i had and it werent true
but id have repeated it til i were blue
That everything that happened was my fault too.
Even though thats how things seem
i know at this moment im not to blame
As people say 'things cant be changed'
but others can be rearranged
i know i have a life to live
but its like im falling through a sieve
going through holes and not coming back
because the problems i just cant hack.
scream19 scream19
22-25, F
May 18, 2012