It Annoys Me!

I am so tired of people judging others. I have had a friends mom tell him that she was so surprised that I was so nice...for a witch! Why can't I be nice? Why do I have to be your stereotypical green skinned, wart covered ***** witch?! I'm a decent person, in fact, I'm probably nicer then the majority of most people I know. I'm not christian. I'm Pagan. I'm a witch and guess what? I have yet to meet a nasty, or rude, or selfish, or snotty, downright crude, judgemental, and all around obnoxious witch. We believe that if it harms none do what thou will, the wiccan rede. Don't **** with people because its bad karma and bad karma sucks balls. No one wants bad karma. As witches, the majority of us believe in karma, so as people who believe in karma and believe that bad karma blows, we tend to be nice in spirit and in nature. We don't fake it. We aren't going to let you walk all over us and get away with it. You don't have to have a certain belief in order to be a good person. It's written on your soul, enscribed in your mind, and embedded in your heart. You are who you choose to be. Nothing else to it.

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Thats my Wife! :) I have yet to meet a pagan like that... Its all because how some preach against us.. Ive seen it myself... They speak of wiccans/pagans like we are of the devil.. But in fact.. our religion is based on peace.. But it seems impossible to tell a christian we arent evil.. But Im glad to see there are still christians real non corrupted christians left in this world.. Thank you for proving me wrong!

Wiseowl: Thank you lol Very simple concept ;p<br />
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GwennaJane: Yes, I've been pissed off by Christians but I've been pissed off by none Christians too. One of the people I was closest to was a pastor who used to visit my high school every wendsday. He used to tell me that I would make an excellent servant of God but he knew I was spreading my word my way. I don't think there is any specific religion that makes you a decent person, like I said "You are who you choose to be. Nothing else to it." Sometimes religiong does have an influence on it though.

wow - i don't know what to say except that some christian(s) obviously pissed you off bigtime, huh? ya know, some of them **** me off too. of course, non-christian people **** me off too at times. i consider myself to be a christian - not because i belong to a certain church or hang out with a certain people (i'm actually not your typical christian) .... but because i truly believe that Jesus is the Christ. i guess what troubles me about society today is that everyone is trying to put me into a mold that doesn't fit me - and because being a christian is sooo unpopular today, if i were to say the things you have said, i would be judged harshly. which isn't fair because i believe you probably are a nice person AND i believe that there are many chritians who are nice too. i just don't know why we can't all get along.

You are one intelligent person..Hurray for a good YOU..that's good enough!

Thank you :)