We Should Not Be Judgemental

I was born in non-christian family. But I started loving Jesus as I grew and now I am totally christian by heart and faith. My family came to know about Lord through me. They love Christ but  are apprehensive about christians as at several occasions they have been humiliated by some christians who have treated them as if they are sinners and worshipper of evil by being non-christian. Though my family members are still quite humble and soft toward those christians. I dont like the way some christians behave so arrogantly towards the non-christians. My family is far better and kind in their attitude than those christians who call them superior and claim their place in The Kingdom of God. It is all about one's being good or bad in nature. We cannot judge anyone by one's religion.

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

It sounds like you have a wonderful family. I am Christian because it feels right to me - like home, but I think it is the heart and the person that counts. I am sorry your family has encountered this. I am not even sure Jesus would call himself a Christian. He was here for all his people. We are ALL His people. God Bless!

I believe your family was showing the example of Jesus rather than those self proclaimed 'christians'.<br />
Regardless of what people believe or what they do, we as christians must lead by example, maybe those people need a leaf out of your family's book.