Lies, Lies, And More Lies!

Well, I have this friend who ALWAYS lies. There's been a lot of drama between my two friends Ariana and Katey since school started, and it still hasn't stopped! Katey first started by making fun of Ariana's boyfriend and talking about them behind her back, which was very rude and what a friend would never do. But then, Ariana started calling her fat to get back at her, and Katey quickly responded by calling her flat-chested. Well, first off, neither of them are fat or flat. They just wanted to feel superior to eachtother! And now, right after Ari and her bf broke up, it got WORSE! Ariana's always depressed and down, and Katey was happy with this. When Ariana found out, she talked to her friend, and asked him to have a few "words with her." To get this straight, Ariana's friend isn't exactly "weak." He's more like a ripped junior with a six pack, and could kick anyone's butt. He probably wouldn't go low enough to beat up a girl, but he'd certainly give her a scare. I freaking watched him in a fight last year, and he RIPPED an eye brow rung RIGHT off this other kid! And alas, during ALL this, Katey has been telling lies about what Ari says, does, and thinks. I've found proof that she's lying behind some of them. But others, I just don't know who the hell to believe. It makes me wonder what she's thinking. Porbably something along the lines of "No one believes me! WHY?!" But you can never be too sure. She just keeps lying to cover up more and more, which continues to make this worse and worse. Needless to say, Katey reported Ariana and her friend to the office, to keep him from getting to her. I asked Ariana what they told her when she went in the office and she said "Oh nothing, they just told her to lay off me," and THAT I highly doubt. Ariana, despite her good things about her, MUST have ALL attention on her at ALL times. I really don't care anymore. I'm not so much a part of this, I just! We can only pray.

Shopaholikk77 Shopaholikk77
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010