I Belong In Europe Instead

The American masses bore me to tears because the main subjects of interest are sports, reality shows, American Idol, SUVs, junk food, Rap and HipHop, Other meaningless pop music, and stupid celebrities.

The people in Europe seem far more intellectual and interesting. They are actually aware of important things and I have yet to meet any European person that would support Bush.

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I know what you mean. I lived in Europe for 8+ years and just recently returned. If I can get back over there, I would.

As an American, I agree with you. I adapted in Europe very fast. I lived in Europe for 8 years, and I absolutely LOVED it! I found myself, learn a lot about myself, and most importantly, I was at peace of mind. After coming back to the states, I am still trying to find myself again and find my place. I cannot. I am looking for a job to go back to the city where my heart still is. There is culture in Europe. I love how I can walk out my front door and everything I need is right there: malls, meat stores, tea shops, coffee shops, what have you. The country I was in is very clean and quiet. They have good clean air, great public trans system, great natural food without all of the fake stuff, and high standards for the environment. They believe in recycling. The people are very nice and more racially tolerant than America. Oh, I cry inside itching to go back. I know for a fact this place will welcome me with open arms once I get a chance to go back.

well i've been living in Europe for over 2 yrs now and the only thing I don't like is how you can't get groceries on Sundays. :) I have to admit though... now that I've been away from the US for a while, there are some things I miss about it.

Oh yea, and go fck yourself, not because your pro-eu, I am totally cool with that part, no, just go fck yourself for not having an original thought and actually being retarded enough to make cultural comparisons of judgment. You can believe with such limited views of the world, you will never fit-in as a European either. Also, seriously, stay the fck out of NY, we have enough morons as it is, and don't need anymore of you, go back to Ohio or whatever other terrible place you come from.

As much as I love Europe and have lived there for several years, I have to say the majority of your comments listed here are laced with weak stereotypes and cliche's. Even for a group defending the cultural nature of Europe, you all sound very naive. In no way, can you say "Europe" and then follow up with is better for blah, blah, blah, and make it stick. Mainly because Europe is a big place filled with many nations and different identities all very different from the next. Secondly, just because some parts of America have its problems does not mean other parts of the world don't have their problems too. Many European countries struggle with the same amount of challenges as America, just in different ways. For example, immigration is very difficult for non-eu members, simply put, because they don't really want them there. Granted, I probably hate most of you because you are typical American retards that come to my city every day and annoy me. However, when I walk by your fat ***** in central park, it makes me realize how much better I am than American's and Europeans, simply because where I live I would never want to leave and I hope to god you dumb fcks don't try to come here because you probably couldn't afford it anyway. My two cents :)

I lived in Europe from 1974 until 1979, from junior high through high school. I LOVE Europe, and I HATE American culture. It's shallow, boring, and meaningless. It is too young and immature. Europe is real civilization. The U.S. is like a little bully teenager who hasn't see the world yet. Most Americans are idiots, simply because they have not been exposed to anything other than their tiny little culture of 200 years. My goal is to go live and die in Europe. I could leave the U.S. behind forever.

Yes - everybody wants Europe - quite understandable, having in mind that we are the roots to all the culture and style of the current civilization, also the best persons and minds. <br />
We have FREEDOM. <br />
We ARE NOT like you. <br />

I must disagree Pinget. I myself have spent almost 11 years living in Europe...and I am absolutely in love with it! Europeans are curious and eager to learn and experience new things...while Americans tend to be shallow, image-obsessed, and ignorant of the world around them.<BR>Don't get me wrong though...I was born in America and support it. I currently serve in it's military and defend it. I just don't particularly like what the culture has become, and if given the chance I would most happily transplant myself in Europe instead.

You will never find "masses" that are intellectual. Consult a bell curve if you don't see why. You are idolizing Europe in ways it doesn't deserve. I lived there 3 years and have been back many times, believe me.

I fully agree with you on the problems with Americans. The apathy and lethargy is sickening. I have noticed that Europeans and Asians are far more interesting. Actually for me anyone from another country is much more interesting than Americans.