The Simple Life With Moral Value Vs. the Overly Complicated Life With No Moral Value

These days Love is made to be worthless and passe`, while scandals, and lies, are glamorous..
The idea of family is so broken and jaded, communication within it is third rate at best..

I'm not saying i want to live in the dark ages, where women had no rights, and any non Christian was persecuted..I would just like to live in a world where loyalty, valiance, and truth get as much airtime as the Iraq war, or Paris Hilton's whoredom. In a place where the simple pleasures aren't blatantly tossed aside for something cheap, plastic, and shiny..

Vox Vox
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1 Response Aug 13, 2007

You have a beautiful soul. I like this story.<br />
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All I can say is let the world go to hell. You can have the simple life, and your women's rights without to much fear of persecution. <br />
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We live in a time of great opportunity!