10 Reasons Why I Hate Social Networking

1. People are fake. People don't say who they really are. Also when people lie about the other person to make them feel bad.

2. Nobody talks to me. Sometimes on Facebook. I'm always the one who asks my high school peers how they do it and they don't have the effort to talk to me so screw them! If they don't wanna talk to me anymore, then that's fine with me! I have REAL friends that care about me.

3. People insults others. I've been insulted online and I don't put up with that! I just ignore it.

4. Posting posts. People can take things the wrong way and make rumors about that other person. I don't posts statuses anymore because people all over the internet can see what you post.

5. Lack of privacy

6. Hackers and stalkers

7. Cyberbullies. I HATE them! These bullies who harm or harassing innocent people need so grow up. I heard stories about teens and kids commit suicide because they've been bullied. That's really sad and that makes me so mad!

8. Peers from high school that added me, NEVER talk to me. If you never talk to me, then WHY did you add me?! Quit wasting time.

9. People who show off all the time and post statuses every minute or ever 5 or 10 minutes. How ridiculous!

10. Creeps who impersonate someone else to make their lives miserable. People are sick and need to get a damn life!

Those are my 10 reasons. Nuff said.
TheatreLover22 TheatreLover22
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

TheatereLover22, you rise several vaild points about social networking, I have to agree whole heartly about 1. On facebook its often fake accounts that resembels real name, and I agree about all the other points you rise and it fits, thus I have reformatted my use of Facebook as an extension of info about all none social networking sites I happens to like.

But in relation to nr 1. regarding EXperinceproject I wouldn't be surprised if it would turn out that large number of shared experinces are over exagarated and sometime ballant lies.