10012012- The Dream Of Seven7?

I had a dream this day, of many dreams within dreams, but one dream was more vivid then the rest though it was short and to the point. To what it means I do not know but I woke up sad and almost in tears. It was of me standing in my livingroom and a woman sitting in the couch in front of me, but it was not my mother but a woman that looked like her. That woman was knitting while she sat down. She did not look at me but she only said to me, 'We will be going out soon and we will make a stop along the way. We will be letting go of Seven7, she is getting old and may pass away soon." I know of no one known as Seven7, even showed the words and letter in that manner. Though my mind concluded that it was my matriarchal cat that lives with my family, my cat's name is Lika, not Seven7. So why is it that the name is attributed to my cat, as I assume it may have been, yet has the weight of someone or something so profound that I would wake up feeling very sorrowful. Who is "Seven7"? I couldn't sleep there-after and it was only 5:00am.

Now I must keep that pain in, that feeling of sorrow, of loss and such it up in order to smile at least once this day. I feel I lost something, whether it was within that dream, last night, or at some point within the span of last week and this week. Seven Seven... Two weeks ... and I'm brought down to my knees. ... Only time will tell.


On another note...

A revelation came to me last night as I lay admiring the duel screen monitors that have recently been installed and large amounts of upgrades. There is a reason why I still think about this image...

In metu et in fide...in amore et in morte,
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Seven7 = An elder matriarch of high stature that is perceived as a woman through your eyes. <br />
<br />
They may have graced you with their presence or you simply were the messenger for someone else. There will be no other information that may be given at this time. This is only a reference from what is known thus far OR what can be said.

Well....if going from a numerology standpoint, 7+7=14, 1+4=5...and you woke up from the dream at 5....<br />
<br />
How old is your cat? is she 7 years old, or would she be the equivalent 77 human years old?<br />
<br />
Is there anybody in your family who is possibly in or will be going to a nursing home? Are they the age of or near the age of 77?<br />
<br />
(Also, the name Seven7 is very familiar to me but I have no idea why, but for some reason I also feel sorrowful whenever I try to figure out why her name is familiar to me)<br />
<br />
If you like, I can try to find answers with you. Maybe if we both try to figure it out, one of us may get an answer or two. At least, that is what I hope.

And going by numerology yet again, if you were to look at the date on which you had the dream, it is 1+0+0+1+2+0+1+2= 7.

Mmm I see, I had not thought about it in that way. I just had enough time to write it down before work. I will think about that during the duration of the day. In some way, at one point, I thought it meant that God or the reference to the 77 or 777 would leave me. It made me think on how strong my faith is if I am indeed on my own. To further elaborate, I felt that I was going with them wherever they were going but it was just being informed that Seven7 would not be coming back home. I will ask around if anyone knows after I get off work. -hugs- -Skies

The reference to God caught my attention too; however, I feel you are a very strong person and even if your faith were to take a small dip, I know it would return hundredfold.

I still don't know who Seven7 is. It worries me since a friend of mine tried to ask their guides about it too. It seems they were sad about it and would not say a word. I don't know what will happen... but I want to know who Seven7 is. The only link is that its more than likely a 'she' and its a Matriarchal figure. ... I've been in the slumps lately for different reasons. I just don't know what its about... Thank you for your words of encouragement. It makes me smile to know that. -hugs- I would ask you for help with finding out who Seven7 is but I feel that you may hit a brick wall. Its worth a shot but at this point I do not know. -Skies

I will try, I promise.

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