Confined - The Dormant State

I carry the memories of a thousand souls. I have wept the tears of Terra and driven to the brink of madness known only by that which is written in eternity. I have experienced the joy of life to the endless moments of happiness that brings fruit to bearing the scars of life. I have fought many fights through many plains and many cultures yet now they are but memories of footsteps once taken. The great book that carries the livelihood of the soul remains a testament to the day I step foot into the gates of heaven or to the farthest point to the great gates of Valhalla to the depths of the underworld for the countless sins that I bare on my cross for forgiveness. I know no order but that which resides in me. I know no greater pain then what these lives had brought me, molded me, gave me life to which I experience the greatest of lessons. Unbroken, unyielding and stubborn to my cause. I face a thousand legions with the flames of a thousand swords and the fire that is black and violet. I command many yet I only am the master of my own accord. I AM that which is loyal to one power and will only move by one word.

For now, I am fragile in this form, unknowing in this form, fearful in this form, and different within this form. I am helpless in order to learn, to grow and to experience life yet again. Why does my being scream in pain. There is only a few that can quench this thirst to release and calm this soul.

In metu et in fide, In amore et in morte,

IridescentSkies IridescentSkies
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1 Response Jan 16, 2012

"Even in our sleep<br />
Pain which cannot forget<br />
Falls drop by drop upon the heart<br />
Until, in our own despair,<br />
Against our will,<br />
Comes wisdom"<br />
<br />

You are filled with such wisdom with your quotes you share. Thank you. That is very true, your words bring an ease inside with all this pain I carry. -hugs-

You are strong enough to endure the pain. You were born with wings. :)