Frustration In The Distant Skies

I am simply throwing this out there as a food for thought...

You can claim whomever you wish to be and BECOME who you believe you are. You can say all the words you wish to say and speak what you believe in and talk as if you were king and high and even mighty then others. You speak of the prophets and even of the enlightened ones but yet how can you demand of others when you yourself are to lead by example. No one is above others and no one can lead unless they show themselves as being worth the time and effort to even make a difference for others. Mindless dabble and underlying private messages asking for help and understanding. What is a leader if they do not understand and ask those that follow them in example for answers to what can be obtained in a different manner or light.

How credible are you then to boast words of encouragement and steal others thoughts and words without such knowledge then to learn by experiences alone. One can only go so far by readying others experiences and trying to piece the puzzle. You are no more as knowledgeable as others that read such things. Without your own understanding and without your own deeper thought of things whether supernatural, logical and otherwise illogical, your words are superfluous.

I have seen my fair share of those that speak as if they were Gods, speak as if they were the prophets, and even speak as if they were the powers that at this moment still look down onto this world to fight the only war that still continues this very day... the war of enlightenment and understanding. I've seen so many simply raise their ego to the very rim of this atmosphere and even boil the anger and rage of others to the very depths of the lava filled earth to what can be said as hell. BUT yet, as with history, when one leaves, they are moving on within their paths. When they cease to respond and move on from this very place known only as EP, they come to realize that in this lifetime they are only and can only be human.

Life is a gift that many abuse. It is but the human condition that such people exist in this world with such differing mentalities as to tap into the very thought and environmental condition of others. Such is the result of emotion and rage. Of love, sorrow, and all other essential feelings that one feels for another if only to satisfy that need. But yet, 'you' of all people are the simple first through my time here that has made no particular sense. You of high and mighty that hopes to achieve such things but without the proper tools given by any of the powers. Your proof is as good as mine and any other here. Soon, you too will fade into existence as many have. Such is the image of a great sphere filled with the very thought of countless civilizations, worlds, and galaxies. These words are from one small spec, a bubble that exists withing a countless number of bubbles.

I am saddened by the simple thought that you have caused me to think of you in this light. Therefore I shall pray and meditate on these thoughts and words. No one, not even mystik has provoked such frustration then what you have provoked by your senseless messages and mindless questions. Have you no order or balance then to ask without thought of how grave the answer may be? A grown man need not ask to the degree that you have asked but like many including myself... you also will learn as everyone does.

In metu et in amore et in morte,
IridescentSkies IridescentSkies
31-35, M
Feb 12, 2012