The Outcast

With the sting of rejection, I am shunned to a path along which is created by lost and unwanted souls. I travel alone, with silence as my best friend, to the middle of nowhere. My cries and desperate pleas go unanswered. I belong to nothing, not even the land itself is accepting, it scorns and hurts with thorns and briers. I fall to my knees drenched in misery, pain and loneliness, only to be told to move because the place is owned. Picking myself off the ground, I tiptoe away and out of sight. I flee, far from civilization, away from rejection, but alas civilization follows only to mock and taunt me with empty promises of acceptance. I move towards it, trying to embrace it just to be shoved back because I am unworthy. Unworthy of the air I breathe, of the ground I walk upon, of every morsel I eat and of the fluids I drink. And so I walk away with my head held high in pretense, my step steady and strong belying the weakness and hurt within. Each smile is fake and each laugh rings with a falsity, for I know that I am an outcast and will never belong. Once alone I weep and shout in outrage, "How can I be so unworthy?" But no answer comes and still I search, search for a reason, yet there is no reason to be found. I am an outcast and will always be an outcast. I know and accept it but it does not ease my suffering.
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1 Response Mar 20, 2012

Beautiful and well said. Life is but a struggle but no matter where we come to rest, we simply have to keep moving.