Not For One, But For All

Hey you all, today I want to share a dream and a vision that I have had with you all. This is partly because I think it is something that more than just I and my close friends should know. This is because this vision and this dream that i had may apply to man of us. Perhaps it hold symbolism for us. Perhaps it is a window for us to gaze through. I do not know. However, since nowhere seemed quite right to share this at, I will share it here; for this is not something for just one, or just few in a specific group to see. This is due to the fact that it may involve many, if not all, of us.

I will shares these with you in the order that I had them. The first I had quite a while back, but the latter, I had the night of the Solar Eclipse, 2 nights ago. I had this vision during meditation.

The dream:
In this dream, I was in a place that remind me of a japanese dojo/a japanese house that had a large courtyard within its area. There was no apparent entrance to this place though, and it seemed to be in it's only little world, almost. It was a place of peace, and within this place, it was not surprising to see demons, angels, and other spiritual beings, living together peacefully. Within this dream, I also found myself in a room with a few angels. It was like a private area within the whole for the group that I was with. At some point, after being in this room for a while, I left it, and went out to a place where a few beings were sitting, and I, myself, sat with them. As we were just sitting there, a little girl seem to appear within the crowd, and seeing as there was no way in or out of this place, I took it, that was how we had all come to be there. The child walked towards the area I was at, and as I sat there, I heard the being next to me begin to make vulgar remarks to the little girl. I basically led him away, and in the dream, I wrenched his arm back, and if i remember correctly, I told him that what he did was wrong. When I went back out, he did not go with me, and I told the others there that he had gone somewhere for a little while.

The vision:
First of all, the majority of this vision has dull, murky colors to it, reds, browns, yellows, and stuff that all mixed together to give a creepy and dark feel. I had basically began with an aerial view in which I was looking down at a castle, and then the vision shifted a little, and i saw what looked like many, many graves that were lined up. every gravestone was perfectly placed in order, and every gravestone was the same shape and size. This vision then shifted to an aerial view of a japanese-looking building, and I knew this to be the building from the dream that I have previously mentioned. However, this place was now empty, and it appeared to be abandoned. There was no one there any longer.

This vision then shifted to a little cabin somewhere away from civilization, and off to the side there was a cart. I saw nothing beyond this at this point of my vision because I chose to turn away from it for some reason.

Another vision came after the last one I spoke of. Within this one, I was gazing down at a pool of crystal clear deep blue water. As I was looking. I became aware of a feminine being gazing up at me. The vision backed away, and I watched as she broke the surface of the water.

That was the end of my vision.

With love in my heart and faith for a better tomorrow,
akaia akaia
22-25, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

Akaia, first off, thanks for sharing this so openly. I have already spoken to you about the dream, as for the vision(s), I feel that... There will be a big problem that you will face, along side the beings within the dream.. or.. not.. as typing this that felt wrong. I think... no... I'm confusing myself now lol. I'll finish my first thought: ... the beings within the dream. Most of them will either not make it, or will have found a place for hiding... I.. Dunno, I'll re-comment once I get my thoughts figured out.