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Save Something For Others

Bus stop, a beautiful and amazing luxury exotic car stops.Everybody gazing with mouths open.A student chamber, big sized multimedia, guys there with their palmtops, working and laughters.Office chamber inside a glass building with well dressed staff and in complete formal attitude working in complete efficient environment.This is technological and all kinds of scientific and attitude advancement even in the realm of arts and religion with so many new kind of philosophies that takes away mind into new vistas.

Bus stop, a car stops and a little girl with small innocent face with so beautiful glittering eyes having flower in her small hands wearing rags is seen wishful to get her living by selling flowers.A student chamber, students working inside with sharing coffe and drinks are seen by a group of boys from outside and are copied by them making one's back as bistro folding chair other sitting on it and third making his on face as monitor of computer and others sitting on so cold floor to imitate fellows, sipping in empty broken public glasses with no one having in their home to provide them mone even to have bread.
Office chamber is seen by a 17 years old boy alcoholic completely laughing with tears in eyes to see their workings and remembering his own aspirations that are snatched by alcohlism.And getting passed by others with disdaining looks of them and with their handkerchives on mouth and nose.

I just want to show what is advancing and what is going down.Do make good machines and earn more and more and have good get togethers bt don't forget that banks do not become hungry and they don't have emotions.Share your money with those who are hungry, share your palmtops with those who are talented but don't have seat reserved for them.Travel whole world and see beauty of nature but don't forget that beauty lies in eyes of beholders and our eyes are wedding dress of nature and our eyes are shrouds of the same nature.Save the innocence of those eyes that see the nature.Serve mankind.It would conquer self and whole universe.
may we all be blessed.
take care.
sunshines333 sunshines333 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 14, 2012

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You my dear friend are correct in your portrayal of what can be seen in this life. So much has changed and it is to the very point where what is known in history's past no longer apply to what is here and now. Technological advances have clouded the mind. Seemingly causing it ... to forget what the simplest form of understanding and grasp what it is the mind in its entirety has to hold. Too often we are caught up in the bustling world of what it is we need to do that we do not see what it is that is around us. <br />
<br />
This has to be understood by the masses and acted on by the masses without any thought of receiving anything in return. Yet with this day and age, even the most high understands that what is written within religious text has to be improved and has to be changed to coincide with what this world, this society, and these ever changing cultures now see and view. <br />
<br />
In time we will see what truly happens. At one point, the world shifted and had begun to do something for others but what resides now within the news, the world focus, and all the changes everywhere ... the focus yet again to simply help others is gone. The hope and faith of so many who created that shift coming into this new year is dwindling but it is far from gone. Words such as yours are but a glimmer of hope that so many turn to no matter where they are, who they are, what ethnicity or religious views they share. All are one and need to do as you say .. and do something for others.<br />
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