Money Changes Everything

I have known a long time friend since the age of ten and we have been through so much together in life.
Now both in our late fiftys we have been there for each other in times of needs.
She recently lost her husband Jim and of course had a life insurance on him.
He had experienced many difficulties with health changes and had to have extra help even to dress himself in the mornings.
It seems at one point his health got so bad he was put in the hospital only for one day as my friend Doreen took him out due to finacial issues.
Jim had fluid in his lungs and ecolie poisoning going through his body.
Just because of lack of funds why would anybody do this to a loved one?
She took him to a old folks home and left him there. I visited him there and he was in bad shape then. I expressed my views to her but she didn't seem to care.
The following day she calls me to tell me Jim had died. Wow! Really?
As far as I'm concerned she helped his death along. Shortly after his death
she put his ashes in a urn and just stored him in her house.
This all happened in the month of April and in July she calls me up and tells me she has a new man in her life.And how she recieved her check for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from his life insurance policy.
Then rambles on about how happy she is and that they have been traveling together differant places.And how good he treats her and they already have plans for marriage now in November or December.
She even told me she deserves the life change and rewards from Jims death since she took such great care of him. Really Now? Wow! She must be living a fairy tale vision. I saw exactly how she treated Jim and sometimes it wasn't pretty.
I'm to the point now wondering how I can even respect my friend Doreen now.
Money has really changed her as to who I use to know. She acts conceited
and self centered and brags to me about everything. It's to a point she makes me want to barf.
I am at this point avoiding her since I have seen what a monster she has turned into.Makes one wonder how many more people out there has done this to their loved ones just for love and money ?
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

It is said in a far distant land, that closely resembles this world, that such things will be repaid later on in life. One's own life is given to another and it is of that persons accord on how they want to live their life. One can begin a beggar and rise up the classes but there are a few end up the same way they began without realizing what they failed to do.

Money indeed makes the world go round if all we think about is whats on the outside and the potential for the excitement in this world. What some .. fail to see is what you see, the deeper friendship throughout the course of time. There are a number of people that share the same thoughts and acted just as you have. All that can be hoped for is the best for them that they realize in time before they lose themselves. Begs to ask what love is for some and what truly is of value.

There are even fewer people that are forced out of that lifestyle. As they try so hard to obtain the love and money, life is not as grand and it is not as kind to give them that reprieve. The question you ask is simple and I'm sure you know the answer. All you need to do is look out and see the many different faces walking, living their lives. You are guaranteed to atleast meet and or pass by one within the span of a given day. It truly is unfortunate. The true question to ask them after so long is if they truly found the happiness they seek, that restless itch in their hearts they yearned to fill. You will realize how many are straight forward and how many look away. You can see it in the depths of their eyes on whether their life was fulfilled even if its for a short time. Take a closer look, make sure you smile. It is easy to see their core through their eyes. ^_^

My respects to Jim and my prayer to your friend.