My story does'nt matter much, its what I've picked up over the years. Just when I think I found an answer, another problem comes along. Most of the time I already know the answer, it becomes apparent, what I have trouble with is the true and sometimes painful of the reality of it. Its me, I fight what I know to be the truth of it, unwilling to accept it. Why am I so hard headed, don't know. So now here's another answer for me--I am my own enemy. I include myself in this group because its true. Maybe you can relate, that what you see in front of you, you should accept and stop putting our own stuff? into it. Always I've wanted to live where there is truth and genuiness, N o faking, no lies and being mature about things. The internet is where I don't belong, how can you know what is real and what isnt by typed words I need a face and to hear the words, really for me its a lonely place, But it has its place for information and filling out forms and such, what I attempted to do is give information that would benefit the ones who read my stories, I gain no benefit from doing this. Sure this will pass, the lessons get harder as I travel down the road.
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As you have kind of stated, the only way out through self inflicted problems is though the way you got into the mess in the first place, which is the most difficult thing you can ever do. I'm glad you are aware of yourself and I hope one day you will feel free from it.

And my thoughts on about how Ep works. I feel when I comment on a story it is irrelevant weather the story is completely a lie or not. Who am I to say I know anything? It is important to let people know you are paying attention, ask questions or offer a different perspective. Much like in life it is useless to tell ignorant people what they need to hear, because they wont listen. I do agree there is some poison in saturating oneself in nothing but words on a screen.

Whatever the case! I hope your stories allow you to find whatever you are looking for!