Blow Dry'er Shmo Shy'er!

I dunno, I'Ve given up on use'in a blow dryer it always makes my hair look worse.

i more prefer the natural crazy curly look.


applescruffs applescruffs
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I've tried all sorts of ways to dry my hair. Like you, my hair is pretty naturally wavy and frizzy, so nothing seems to work in the end. All I can do is to keep it short all the time, which doesn't always happen, so I look like a bush-man.

haha <br />
i am a wind in my hair gal to <br />
only use a hair dryer when i go to the hair salon <br />

I'm half and half on this - blow dry and style when I go to wrok go out -- natural on weekends, etc.

I'm with you there. I do not get along with blow dryers....