Afros on white chicks don't look good.  They look insanely stupid.  My hair is naturally curly, and very thick.  I wish I could blow dry my hair, but it doesn't work for me.  LOL.


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I too suffer from the curse of naturally curly hair. What's worse, mine is baby-thin and looks like a lot of hair, but it's really not very much, it's just voluminous looking.<br />
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If I don't want to wash it, I have to put it up; because I can't even brush it when it's dry or I'll look like the cover of the HAIR album.

It doesn't work. The brisle brushes get caught in my hair ESPECIALLY the round ones, and they have to be cut out. I do use a straightening iron on it, when I want straight hair.<br />
I might go to a beauty college anyway, just to have them fuss over my hair. LOL.

Blow dry it with a brush with the brissels that are all around the brush and flat Iron it. Go to the salon and pay 50 dollars to have them do it, and they will show you. Or go to a Beauty college and pay 12 dollars, they do a great job also.