Who Cares About Sexuality?

It doesn't matter to me what a singer's sexuality is.  I'm probably not ever going to meet them anyway.  Even then, so what?  If I like a song, I like it.  I don't stop to think:  "Who is this and what is their sexuality?"  No, to me that doesn't make any sense.

silvermystics silvermystics
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3 Responses Jun 26, 2007

Too true...Bowie is gay or not...Jagger...Elton...I ain't datin" em...

I understand. :)

The only difference for me is that women usually sound better than men to me. Most men have a lower tone and women seem to just be able to sing better. It doesn't mean if I get the chance to go to a live Pink Floyd concert I'm going to miss it, but just generalizing.