Most Things Never Change, Period.

I'm often surrounded by  bad luck.I tried very hard to change my bad luck all these years but I failed to escape from it every time.I'm so fed up of trying to be  too cautious to avoid bad luck.Now I no longer care or think about this issue.Over these years I've observed that the bad events had nothing to do with my thinking or attitude.It doesn't matter whether I think positive or negative or remain neutral.I've no explanation for my bad luck.So it is a waste of time analyzing and thinking about it.I'm starting to give up worrying because its not going to change the things that are bound to happen.I'm taking each day as it comes.
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

Your own commentary is the solution.There's no such thing as bad or good luck. It's totally subjective. Whether it's or good or bad depends on how you react or respond to it.

I know its hard to think positive but you must try. I have been where you are. the only way I got round it was by saying to my self is I am good and it dose not matter what anyone else thinks. you may seem to be having bad look but are you still a live are you eating breathing. yes well then that is a real positive is it not. just try to think stuff you lot I don't care and you will get there in the end and smile as this is the best thing to do in the world. try new things out and scare your self every day and you to do a different thing every day so start now by going out and do something daft like running down the road with no clothes on and go from there. within a few days you will get there.

i feel the exact same way, i used to tip toe around everyone and everything to make sure i didn't trigger anything but now i don't care.