Enough With The Insults

I have been ragged on many times because a lot of people online seem to hate the way I look, they're a bunch of shallow gasholes.

First of all they claim i'm ugly. There is no such thing as "ugly" in my opinion, that's just some stupid fashion propaganda rule set up to make others feel bad about themselves.

Second, yes I KNOW i'm 'overweight'. God, enough with the 'werepig' name calling and fat jokes already - it's really trucking annoying.

Thirdly....i'm NOT greasy. I DO shower and bathe all the damn time, you morons. "Logic? What's that?".

Fourth - ENOUGH with the constant witching about how bad my hair looks - I KNOW it looks messy but I get it cut frequently and I do wash it and use shampoo. It's not like i'm trucking Russell Brand or anything!

Finally - Ohhhh....I dress like a person in their late 50's/60's do I? Wow. That's the most clever and original comment i've heard all day - NOT! I don't trucking care about your stupid opinion on me - because you know nothing about me, you deuce.

To those people who think I have no self respect or self esteem....screw them! They're just a bunch of shallow morons who think that being attractive is the only way to get around. That goes double for trolls too.

Looks are not everything, so stop acting like they are.

Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
22-25, M
Dec 2, 2012