I'm Blind When It Comes To Appearance...

I can't really see someone for who they are, till they talk to me for a little while. In some cases I can't even see their faults, until I am around them a while.

I met a man online once. We spoke for quite some time. We then did the picture exchange. He was a bit hesitant to show me his, I reassured him that it would be OK.

I looked at the picture and told him he had a fantastic smile, he did. He was shocked. He was surprised that I didn't see his wheelchair. He was afraid to mention it for fear that'd cause me to like him less.

I had to look at the picture again. There it was, staring right at me, glaring at me. I didn't even see it at all when I first looked and I looked at the entire picture. I'm that type of person.

I'd hate the idea of someone judging me on how I look, so I don't even attempt it with other people.

I've known a lot of "pretty people" that are complete snobs and selfish to the point you don't want to associate with them.
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Dec 3, 2012