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I'm not one of those people who is interested in gossip so my interest in "celebrities" is virtually nil. There are celebrities i'd like to meet but i doubt they'd live up to my expectations. We all breathe the same air and s*** in the same way.
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i also have a life and better things to do with my time.....

Yes, when you get to the bottom line of it all they're all human and suffer from the same frailties. It's why they have Celebrity Rehab on t.v.

I suppose that i am the only celebrity you would really want to meet haha <br />
many are so full of theirselves <br />
i remember as a postmaster of a tiny little shop miles from anywhere, i was taking a break outside my shop in the sun one lunchtime <br />
A very well know actress pulled up in her car and went toward the shop i smiled and said "do you want me " she became all undignified and told me in no uncertain terms she would never want me, who did i think i was talking to her like that.<br />
i tried to explain that i was the new postmaster and just wondered if she wanted the Post Office but she was not interested she never came to the shop very much after that but it amused me.

I suppose it's why someone was a celebrity which would be more important.