Paid More For Doing Less

I think that actors/actresses and singers are just people that are paid more for doing less. I believe the same thing about athletes. I know that they work hard, but it's only for a short time and then they have a lot of time off.
I work hard five to six days a week all year and I don't make a fraction of what they do. More importantly Emergency Responders (EMTs, Paramedics, Police Personnel, and Fire Fighters) don't make a fraction and work all year round and they honestly provide a service that is necessary. Then there are the men and women in the military that even risk their lives and in some cases they don't even make as much as I do.
I hate listening to celebrities whine and cry about how hard it is having the paparazzi after them all of the time. You can't tell me that there is anyone, world wide, that doesn't know what it is to be a celebrity. If you can't stand being hounded by paparazzi then don't become famous. I think that all of the famous people in the world should just shut up and suck it up (they are the ones that wanted to be rich and famous). I do feel bad for the children, they didn't ask for it.
People who obsess over celebrities need to wake up. I guess they could just be obsessed because it's a way of forgetting what's going on in their life. So long as they realize that the famous are just ordinary, spoiled people it doesn't really matter I guess.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Dec 15, 2012