What's the Poin?

I mean..basically they're popular people. And..they make a lotta money. It's kinda funny the main people they run from (us) are the main people who keep them employed. Most are arrogant and think they're on top of the world.

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Hi Honey Celebs have a job to do and they make great amounts of money doing it. so much money they do not know what to do with it all and that is what gets them into trouble. They start living beyond their means and in some cases think they are above the law. I personally have never wanted a lot of money just enough to pay bills and live comfortably. Live your life as you want to and do not worry about the rich people. Dave

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thanx for sharing ur history and all but..idk how it relates to "i dont care about celebs"...

What are you thinking??? Who cares who has more. I have had money,Lost money, and have remained the same. Our world is run like you say.But we are all the same under all the circumstances. I used to own my own business. Had money (plenty of it) My husband left took it all away and I was trown into poverty. Well if you can imagine it got worse. After working 100 hr.s a week for three years. I found someone moved in with him.THEN. It got worse Three years later we were on the bike and he hit a cement wall. THEN I woke from a comma only to find out I had been thrown out of my home three days aftter the accident. My Ex went through my home, Wiped out my bank account and took almost everything.(sucks to be me) I thought. Well I got a place in public housing and discovered one thing. My town is still my town. People don't feel sorry for me, Don't avoid me, And all those that were my friends when I had money still remain my friends. Heck I walked into one of the stores and told them of a good deal where they could make money. And they gave me the CASH to go shoping for them. Not because I asked them but because they knew ME. Not as a poor person but as a friend that had a strong mind with good values. There are good people everywhere. And yes there are people that stink just after a shower. Don't be so down. Walk your streets say hello to your neighbor, Help someone load grocies, say hi to a baby, Pet a puppy. Enjoy the time we get on this earth. I enjoy all of the above everyday. I hope you give it a try. The smiles and kind words you get from people for kindness is better than any money you could recieve. I pray you have a good day.

i agree-they're humans. WHy don't people show that much interest in God/Jesus? I mean..like..most of the celebs are on so many drugs and have so many problems..it's pathetic-and you actually look up to some shallow un-stable trash like that. puh-leeze

...your point?