Why do people care so much about celebs? Like okay, if some normal person dies, you might hear about if for like a week at most... but if a celebrity like michael jackson dies you hear about if for months on end. I just hate how they are held as so much higher than everyone. yes it is sad that he died but it is not like anyone mourning his death actually met him or knew him personally. they just need to get over it and move on with their lives like we do with every tragedy.

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3 Responses Jul 29, 2009

i am tired of hearing about him ( Michael jackson) its okay the guys dead. lets move on

Yeah, people treat some of them as god on earth, so i guess its natural that if god dies, the world weeps :D lol...<br />
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Celebrities are normal human beings, like everyone of us, they only know about singing or acting as much as you know about... um... raising kids or buying groceries or fix cars. That is their skill, their profession... to provide entertainment, nothing more. <br />
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I wonder why we don't have celebrities from local carshop... you know, somebody who always fixes your car, even though you give no decent malfunction description or treat your car like something that should be killed!!<br />
Lets give that guy fame, money and women... he deserves it as much as Johnny Depp :D lol... okay okay... lets find a good looking guy who fixes cars...<br />
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Probably wouldnt work... right? I guess its always something to do with celebrities playing roles... blowing up stuff and looking cool... or saying they love you every time you hear their songs! Words maybe nobody has ever said to some lonely people...<br />
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Okay... end of this random weird discussion :P

I agree with you, our culture tends to love celebrities but I think it's just stupid. It's o.k. to be a singer or an actor but believing that these people are like gods its insane. And those reality shows programs are terrible, and the make over where people want to look like a celeb it's just sad.