I knew Tiger was prototype Obama (no not gonna go into that I'm half joking and its only a slight at the media) but its still crazy to me how his situation exploded. Now I don't pay attention to celebs from movies or rockstars of course unless it deals with their profession...well same for athletes they're entertainers too. Anyway so you all may have heard about Tiger and all his mistresses or not since you don't care about celebs but they sure made it hard not to hear about it. 

 They may have had Tiger Woods on as many front pages as 9/11 if not more. They even harassed his family over it following his little girl to school and blowing the story out of proportion. Eventually he had to give a state of the union address just to shut people up. They even cut off The Price is Right....ok bad joke. 

By far the worst thing of all this was media members complaining and saying "great now I'll have to explain to my 7 year old daughter...". I just think parents should be their kids own role models.

Thats about it for me everything outside the sports world dealing with celebs I barely hear about because they're not labeled role models quite as hard as athletes. And I just don't care what Paris Hilton or whatever Kardasians purse or iphone is made of. 

Camry009 Camry009
Mar 7, 2010