I'll Be Here

Of the few EP friends I've made so far all of them live very very very far away from me. I know for a fact that there is only a slight possibility that I will ever get to meet any of them. Still, I can't help but feel so close to them. Although most of the time I don't comment on their stories or get a chance to talk them and have a nice long chat, they mean so much to me! It feels as if I  just click with a lot of them right off the back...I can't phrase it any other way. People are so caring on this site, it makes me so happy to have found it. So no, I don't care about how many miles, oceans may separate me from my new found friends. I care about them, who they are, where they are heading and making sure I'm always there for them if they ever happen to need me.

CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
39 Responses May 1, 2010

*happy dance*!!

yea :)

woot you think so too!

because you are that cool :P

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yes way..try changing it and it will CHANGE..you should write I am not as cool as CrazyHippieChick

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I didnt write mine in it was just always that way. It wont even let me change it!

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Yea don't worry your part of my list too! :)

anyone cool huh?!

Yup Yup..I have a long list of people I'd like to meet in person!

Who knows though maybe one day it will happen.

Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

because they would be a lot of fun to meet.

Why do you say that?

I do wish a few people was a lot closer though.

Yea :) thanks for your comment!

I tottally agree with you. This site is amazing and I can't help feeling connected to a few people on here. It's weird :S

awww you are a good friend ...i agree with you .. sometime we are sit with some friends and our minds with the person who lives in the other side of the world .... so the distance became an old fashion ! <br />
<br />
*ScientistPaul* .. you made me laugh with this (( EPeople (see what I did there? Lol) ) hahaha

I agree, EPeople (see what I did there? Lol) seem to be very nice and supportive, and they have given me very good advice. Perhaps it is the partial anonimity which allows this to be. Total anonimity results, most often, in cruelty. No anonymity results in lack of action due to social fears, people often are afraid of performing a good deed incase it is misinterpreted. Just an idea at any rate.

thats good to know :-D

Aww thanks WyrdHippie :)