Long Distance Love

Well, it started four years ago, I was on facebook just kidding around with some applications. That's where I met him the first time, we started talking on a application called "I'm interested". After some days there, we became friends on facebook, we shared emails and started chatting on msn. We got to know each other on a different way, and when we shared phone numbers we started texting almost every day. We saw each other on web-cam and he said all sorts of things, and everything he said made me feel special. He helped me through some rough times, and after a while we called each other for the first time, we sat there talking for about three hours, and his voice made me go crazy, cause I wanted to have him there with me, you know.

After three years we started talking about meeting each other, because I was going to a town close to his, and when the day came, I traveled by train to his home town, and met his whole family, we kissed and had a blast! it was really awesome being with him, and he treaded me like i was everything to him. We met some of his best friends on the way home from dinner down town, and he said that I was his girl and that he was going to marry me someday.

We stopped at a property market where they sold houses and apartments, and we started looking just for fun, and he started saying that someday he was going to live with me, and we'll live the perfect life, having kids, working our dream-jobs, having the cars we wanted, it was just a perfect year.

Even though we live so far away, and we met about a year ago, it still makes me smile that we still talk the same way, and he says he's waiting for me, that when time comes, we'll meet again. No we're planning, traveling to Ayia Napa next summer. I do believe in long distance relationships, even though we're not together, we still can be.. And I really think I'm falling in love with him!
bdoth bdoth
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2010