Problem With A Lovely Girl From A City Far Far Away.. </3

i met a girl a month ago and after a few days we had something special between us! i was so happy that a girl show me that she liked me and want to be with me! it hasn't ever happend before that a girl as beatiful as her expressed her feelings, and just after 3 days!

she is living in a city wich lays about 400 kilometers away from the village there i lives, but still we had great contact! she came to visit me 2 weeks after first time i met her, and we spent a great time together. we also nearly had sex!

i asked her to be in a relationship with her, but she said it was going too fast because we haven't know each other in more than 2 weeks, so i felt it was ok. after she had travelled back home, i had surprised her to come and visit her next weekend allready! i saw she was surprised and happy for that i would travel around 400 kilometers and spend almost 1000NOK (ca. 200$) just to see her for 5 days :)

that long weekend was the best weekend i ever had in my entire life so far! i fell in a big love in her, a very stong feeling i thougth, and i she had the same feeling about me too <3 also that weekend we had sex!! only after three weeks! after we had sex she said that i never shall tell it to no one. not a single person and i promised her that.
the day i should travel back home to the village there i live, we hugged, kissed and almost cried together! it was so sad leaveing her and now i thought we had something big between us! best feelings ever!! <3

now, around two weeks after i visit her, she haven't take the opportunity to give me a call or text me. it is allways I who call her or text her.. i feel sorry about that i allways have to call her every time and very often she says se is busy or too tired to talk with me too long.

But the worst of all was that for around three or four days ago i saw on her profile picture that it was a guy who had write she was beautiful with a heart at the end of the comment.. ans she had also answered with a heart at the end of the comment.. i thougth she had found an another guy and i felt my heart was stabbed with a dagger!

the day after i saw this comments i had to talk wit her and in this conversation she said we had go too fast forwrard and we should hold our relationship as more than friends or something like that and it was then i was sure that she wass meeting an another guy behind my back! i cried whole that evening, but i talked to her at night and she didn't meant to hurt me and she said she still liked me, but it was the distance which was the problem and that she was so busy with exam and she had friends she wants to hang out with.. she said seh really liked me and hoped on a relationship in the summer vacation. i said i really hoped that too.

i have lost a little contact with her after this conversation. and for a couple of hours ago she had written (directly translatet from norwegian) "cuddlied me today! <3" and after she had tagged the guy i talked about earlier..

i don't know what i shall do! i know that the guy and her are very good friends and i cant control her from the distance we have!!
please! i need some advise from you, people! i really love her and hope you out there can help me!!

I'm not so good writing english, but hope you undertood.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

i think you should find another girl, if she is already with someone else.. its time to move on... its not worth to hold on to something that you know can never be yours.. :)