You're My Sweet Angel

To the Love of my Live (Who lives 7886 miles away) AND to others who feel the same:

We can't be together yet, but we will be soon
I want you to know that i love you and i'll always be yurrs
Nothing can seperate us
We've had our fights, our cries and times we've been angry with each other
But isn't the best part making up and loving each other all over again
It's true...I MISS YOU..
But it's also true that i can feel yur touch .
Maybi its just me or maybe im going crazy in love but i can always feel you near me
I know yur watching over me like my guardian angel.
I know yur protecting me from any danger i come across
Always love me the way you love me now
I want to be yur girl all the time
I want to be yurs even after death
True love can conquer anything
And our love will conquer any obstacles
We may be so far away from each other but yet we're so close
Lailahh Lailahh
18-21, F
Oct 21, 2012