Caring n Sharing.

There is a Special place in my heart, where I can feel You much much near.

Doesn't matter, if now You enjoy Unending Silence, am sure ~ tomorrow would be Cheer.

No matter how far You are, but in my heart, without fail ~ You always timely appear.

The way We Care for and Give each other, makes it so very hard to be apart.

So, whenever I can't hold You tightly in my arms, I hold You fondly in my heart.

Each time You say Baby Me Not, I know I'd be Caught.

So, I keep my fingers crossed.

After a while You are there with yet another thought,


and as ever, I smilingly pray for You to take that winning Shot.

mejj mejj 36-40, F 6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

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Cancel come on skype, dear...LOL

Sky Pe.........k
am already there.
Open the window
try to look Up.
__( )__

Hmmm...J, you are watching many Balaji Telefilms's TV serials...:-)

N - O - N - E.........Pleeeeeeeease.

Thoughts of sharing love far apart. So very true and beautiful :)

Be in Bliss.

Beautiful... warm feelings... that's an important part of being alive... :)

The Essentials.!!!
__/|__ Thanks for Your Time & thoughts.

You have explained in such a beautiful way…it looks same as the flower in the picture.

Yellow spreads warmth & overpowers all else. Nothing much. Thank You for Your time & visit.

Your heart is like butter which melt's easily for the people Whom you care....!!!!
MAM, you are always a Caring person...Salute for you...!!!

Thanks N. You are a Noble soul.
You shouldn't have mentioned Butter. Let me now feed me something.

I find this very touching indeed. I think about some people whom I have been good friends with despite the distance. What we lack in terms of physical distance we make up for in terms of the closeness of our hearts :)

Yes, some people take it as their way of Life.
Thank You for taking time enough to Share.