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Long Distance Relationship Online....Super Frustrating!!

Ok well I think I get it now this has happened to be more than one except never in a long distance relationship. What is wrong with my luck it really suck. Once I actually start to care about someone they almost just stop. Why it's not as if I ever push them away. I don't understand me. It's so frustrating you pay attention to the they run away you don't they complain. I don't know how to go about my predicament because this time they guy I like lives half way across the world. We always made time for each other before, texting, calling, skyping etc. and now it's almost no existent communication. What's worse is when I text him now he doesn't even bother to reply or he replies hours later. Fair enough he might be busy but it doesn't take long to just say hi back. I'm ranting but I just didn't know how to go about my bad luck. Always happens once I show interest men just back away if I'm not too responsive they either go away and stop pursuing or they just get upset. I would really like some advice!!! Thanks for reading
Sailor84 Sailor84 26-30, F 3 Responses Jan 30, 2013

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Thank you for understanding

Same problem here and it hurts, it cut my heart into thousand pieces.
And nothing we can do :(

I am also having the same problem with a girl I like soo much! I dont know what to do just like you! It just hurts!!