I Have Thousand Words To Tell You

     I have thousand words for you in my mouth
     but as you are so far away I have one seal on my lips,
    Though the distance lies between us,
     without your words I feel lifeless

     You possess my heart,
     The craziness I have for you makes me unaware
     whether I have the ability to stay sober,
     I just want you to hear my soul saying:
     "Do not pain me..., without you how I am shattered"

lovelywings lovelywings
36-40, F
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I love this, but it makes me miss my long distance love mor. :'(

beautiful :)

I hate the distance between love sometimes. But it always makes the love and passion grow stronger.


Lovely the miles apart seem like a life time of emptiness.

Yeah...long time of emptiness....*sigh*

You know the funny thing about that is,,the one you love can be right next to ya and still feel empty.

If only I was that lucky to have someone I love next tome ...

Well hmmm I am sorry to hear those words,you know some times that could be a good thing.You just have to find the right one for you.

Oh yes...and while waiting I remain hopeful, silly, funny and...crazy sometimes lolol

First whom ever it maybe,,that guy would have to like are Duck & cat couple.hehe

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it's exactly how I feel right now... very very very beautiful :D

Thank you :)

Simply breathtaking ! And so relatable for me , I could feel tears welling up in my eyes ❤ love this

Oh...glad you can relate to it!

Breath taking!!

You liked it?

like is just not a strong enough word :)