I'M Here For You

I know that you're hurting
so so so bad
and you feel like things will never get better.
If it were possible,
I'd get my magic wand
I would wave it to and fro
and take all the pain away
so you'd never hurt again
the immense distance between us would close
but still leave a gap
because everyone needs a little space
but I can't,
I have no magic wand
to wave to and fro
Instead I promise you that I am here
Forever and always
even in the middle of the loneliest night
even though I live so far away
even if I'm real busy
and if you need me there
where you are
150 miles away
well, there's planes and trains and cars.
Never forget that.
elpatitofeo elpatitofeo
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2013