She knows who she is and that I miss her terribly everyday.

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Please do.

Thanks Nudie...I may take u up on that this week.

Sending hugs your way my friend. I have a broad shoulder to cry on if you need.

Maybe this person needs to know how you really feel, and wants to know if you are willing to go that extra mile to see them or to be with them.

Pick up the phone..... don't let it die from want of attention. When you find the "one" hold them tight no matter how far away they are.

Er-friend, that is! :)

Flour, you are a wonderful frined hon and I thank you!<br />

Well I wish you the best when its the right time my friend!

Flour...It was my fault..I wasn't ready and now I'm regretful of that. Perhaps soon....

Im so sorry my friend. I am sorry that this has happened to you!